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  • 35 Favorite Tracks of 2012

    • 35: Cayucas - “Cayucas”
    • 34: Maths Time Joy - “Walk With Me”
    • 33: Kishi Bashi - “Manchester “
    • 32: Merchandise - “Time”
    • 31: Tincture - “You’ll Learn”
    • 30: TV Girl - “Loud and Clear”
    • 29: XXYYXX - “Set It Off”
    • 28: Wild Nothing - “Paradise”
    • 27: Unicorn Kid - “Pure Space”
    • 26: Kindness - “House”
    • 25: How to Dress Well - “& it was U”
    • 24: Charles Murdoch - “Compatible”
    • 23: The Townhouses - “Our Trees Will Grow”
    • 22: Chrome Sparks - “Marijuana”
    • 21: Cloud Nothings - “Wasted Days”
    • 20: CARE - “Shantih”
    • 19: Dumb Talk - “Nineteen”
    • 18: The Soil & The Sun - “I Know It (I feel it too)”
    • 17: Yuno - “Sunlight”
    • 16: CHVRCHES - “The Mother We Share”
    • 15: Purity Ring - “Amenamy”
    • 14: Spiritualized - “Hey Jane”
    • 13: Teen Suicide - “The way we were with people”
    • 12: Tops - “Diamond Look”
    • 11: Kate Boy - “Northern Lights”
    • 10: Solange - “Losing You”
    • 9: S O H N - “The Wheel”
    • 8: Efterklang - “Dreams Today”
    • 7: Renny Wilson - “Could’ve it Been Me”
    • 6: Teen Daze - “By Love”
    • 5: Slow Magic - “On Yr Side”

    There is something with tracks that are so minimal with carrying one tune the whole way through and not having the listener go astray. Slow Magic does a great job with this one, keeping us interested in something similar the whole ride. This one will get stuck in your head for days and you will not mind it.

    • 4: Yung Life - “Pathfinder”

    Immediately after listening to “Breaker” off this new Yung Life album I started purchasing the cassette. YL has such a light-hearted fun sound that almost anyone could get into. After getting that album and listening to it in my car for days and days I’m in love with every track, but this one stands out the most to me. Those harmonies…

    • 3: Beach House - “The Hours”

    Beach House went in a very good direction this year with their new album “Bloom,” after every listen of “The Hours” I re-learn to love it’s super catchy beat and and beautiful lyricism.

    • 2: Pale Seas - “Something Or Nothing”

    Earlier this year started my trek on finding good new music and in the spring I thankfully I found this one. Pale Seas (formerly named Netherlands) have been releasing a few singles throughout this year, each very good, but “Something or Nothing” still ranks high in my book.

    • 1: Gracie - “Creature Pleaser”

    I found Gracie through his great track “Tryck-R-Treat,” sporting it’s dreamy keys and soothing sound. Loved it. Listened to it a ton. Until “Creature Pleaser” came out. Holy smokes ya’ll. This song fits every one of my criteria for a perfect song. Epic heart wrenching guitars, awesome lyrics/vocals, cool keys. Got me pulled in from the beginning till the ending of this year, and will always remain one of my favorite songs for a while now.

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